Injustice 2, Brawlout Discounted on Steam this Weekend

Not in the Playstation family but want to be able to hand out digital ass- kickin’s at a fraction of the price? Don’t fret, Steam has some fighters on sale as well.

After news of the Humble Brawler Bundle and the PSN Sale, Steam is keeping the flow of good deals coming.

While there might not be as many stellar titles on sale, you can pick up the well-heralded Injustice 2 at 30% off both the Regular and Ultimate editions.

With that newly released Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DLC–which was the last of the nine fighters unveiled as extra content which comes included in the Ultimate Edition.

This sale also comes off the heels of the announcement of the Legendary Edition which will be released later this year which will feature the complete DLC lineup and a slew of cosmetic additions.

Most importantly, as mentioned in the Gamespot article linked above:

With the launch of the Legendary Edition there will also be a number of enhancements to Injustice 2, including the introduction of an expanded tutorial called the “Learn Hub,” new gear for all characters, a raised level cap of 30, and a new augment slot that unlocks at level 30.

Secondly you might want to test out Super Smash clone Brawlout which has been met with mixed reviews but at 50% off you’ll get your money’s worth from the Arcade mode alone.