Fight for Nash’s Captain Commando Costume Starting March 15th

As reported via Capcom Unity today, players will be able to start performing Extra Battle challenges for Nash’s alternate costume starting next week.

For those of you oblivious as to how the Extra Battles work, here’s everything you need to know:

  • Each costume requires you to complete four challenges that take place over the span of a month – one challenge per week.

  • Each time you attempt one of these challenges, you will need to spend 2,500 Fight Money. So if you successfully complete each of the weekly challenges in one go, you can get that Extra Battle Costume for 10,000 FM!

  • Once you complete all four challenges, the costume for that month is yours!

  • These challenges are time exclusive, so make sure to log in each week to complete them, especially if you have your eyes on that month’s unique costume.

Check out Capcom Unity for a full breakdown of the challenges and parts you’ll be able to obtain.