Guess What? YouTube Reacted to Geralt Coming to SoulCalibur VI

We did Smash on Switch and we did Broly in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Did you actually think we wouldn’t hit you with a roundup of Geralt to SoulCalibur VI reactions?

In what was a rumored move which was initially teased by Witcher studio CD Projekt Red late last week, the White Wolf himself  is officially coming to SoulCalibur VI.

There’s no release date for the latest title in the ‘Soul’ series but Bandai Namco have done a fantastic job releasing bits and pieces of content to slowly build the hype. Needless to say Geralt being announced this early will attract a segment of the audience that wasn’t originally planning on buying the title.

Anyway, here’s what the Internet had to say about The Witcher reveal. Also, if you like some of these content creators make sure you give them a follow okay?

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