Here’s What’s on Tap for Day 3 of Final Round 2018

Good morning folks, wipe the cold from your eye and rise for a beautiful Sunday of fighting game action as Final Round 2018’s final stage kicks off at 11:00AM EST.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you should be keeping an eye on today:

11:00AM EDT – Injustice 2

You’ll want to tune in to this one specifically because SonicFox is still in it as he takes on Grr in the first Winner’s Semi-Final.

1:30PM EDT – Dragon Ball FighterZ

As we’ve become accustomed to, this is potentially one of the most anticipated Top 8s, featuring the aforementioned SonicFox taking on Kazunoko in the first Winner’s Semi-Final.

What’s an even better storyline is the second Winner’s Semi-Final features GO1 which Fox just had an exhibition FT10 with on Friday. We can’t wait to see how this one plays out.

4:30PM EDT – Tekken 7

JDCR and SAINT are in the Winner’s bracket, I’m pretty sure that’s all you need to know. Get ready for fireworks lads.

7:30PM EDT – Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Whether you’re under the impression Dragon Ball FighterZ should be closing out the show or not, fact of the matter is this Final Round 2018 marks the kick-off of the Capcom Pro Tour.

Notable competitors still looking for that championship are INFILTRATION and Tokido.

For a full list of brackets, streams and more check out Final Round’s Smash.GG Event page