Have a Look at the Tekken 7 Update Patch Notes

With the release of the brand spanking new Noctis DLC which is hitting Tekken 7 tomorrow, the game is also welcoming a few tweaks via an update.

As translated by Wonkey from the Zaibatsu Discord, here’s a quick look at everything updated in version 1.12.

For PS4, XB1 & Steam

  • Added DLC 3 Noctis Lucis Caelum compatibility
  • Overall game and online stability adjustments For Steam


Added Nvidia ShadowPlay Highlights functionality

  • Works in Versus and Ranked Match, Player Match & Tournament Mode ShadowPlay Highlights captures the following gameplay moments:
  • Rage Art round finishes
  • ‘Great’ victories
  • Super Slow Motion activations
  • High damaging and high hit count combos. (at least 50, 70 or 85 damage with more than 10 hits)
  • Online Matches, win or lose. (This option is off by default, you can turn it on in Nvidia settings.)
  • Online Matches with an opponent with higher than 5 win streaks.
  • Ranked Match promotions.


Source: http://www.tk7.tekken-official.jp/information/update_1_12.php