Read the Patch Notes to Injustice 2’s Latest Update

Following the release of its Legendary Edition a few weeks back and a subsequent pair of updates, Injustice 2 was in need of a few changes since.

We wouldn’t necessarily categorize this update as few especially considering the baker’s dozen of fighters that were tweaked.

Here’s a look at the general gameplay adjustments from update 1.19. For the full notes head on over to WB Games.

General Gameplay Adjustments

  • Move list corrections and improvements to AI logic
  • Fixed an issue with progress tracking on page 3 of Legendary Multiverses
  • Made UI Improvements to Infinite Transforms
  • Inventory advanced gear filter can now sort up to level 30
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some players loot drops to favor Black Manta or Hellboy gear over other characters
  • The missing level 30 Augments which increase Defense are now available (Tank, Steamroller, Juggernaut)
  • Gear earned in Story Mode can now be regenerated past level 20 up to level 30
    Changed Level 30 Base Health of Cyborg, Supergirl, Starfire, and Enchantress to 1175 (from 1100)
  • Fixed some Text & Grammar issues in Learn Mode
  • Adjusted the conditions for the finals tasks in Advanced Blocking Tutorial and Corner
  • Combo Tutorial to be more consistent
  • Character Tutorials will no longer sometimes award rewards when they are skipped
  • Fixed a soft lock that could occur after disconnecting a controller during a character tutorial demo and then skipping the lesson after reconnecting the controller

Stage Specific Adjustments

  • Fixed some Background Interactions being throw immune during their recovery frames