Ice Climbers, Ridley and Simon Belmont Rumored for Smash Switch

With E3 less than a month away, silly season is officially upon us. With such a wide variety of leaks hitting the web in the past two weeks we’re finding it hard to believe anything we read.

That being said, it doesn’t mean a couple of Smash fanboys like us can’t speculate for entertainment’s sake until we¬†finally¬†get a confirmation of the official roster. While characters will probably revealed at the pace of an intravenous drip, it’s always fun to look at rumors.

Here’s video from the fine folks at SwitchForce breaking down the alleged additions of Ice Climbers, Ridley and Simon Belmont to the new Smash game and the rumor that it might be a sequel to the Wii U’s offering from a few years back.