Here’s Cody’s Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Character Trailer

One of the most beloved Street Fighter and Capcom characters is making a return to the virtual arena. This time as DLC for Season 3 of Street Fighter V.

The trailer which was unveiled at Combo Breaker 2018 earlier this evening features a surprise cameo from New Japan Pro Wrestling superstar and fighting game enthusiast Kenny Omega as Mayor Cody Travers. The scene sees Omega replicating the famous Haggar opening scene from Final Fight.

As far as the rest of the footage goes its pretty standard as Capcom shows off Cody’s moveset, V-Triggers and supers while unveiling a pair of costumes the Mayor of Metro City will be dawning. One of the garbs being Haggar’s trademark overalls, authentically oversized and all as well as his trusty led pipe—which Omega grabs a hold of in the outro as well.

Cody and five costumes will officially be available to download this coming June 26th as the DLC content for Season 3 rolls on.