About Us

What the hell is FG SIFU anyway?


To answer that, I’d have to flashback to the early 90’s and right into my uncle’s house.

The whole family is gathered around the couch playing what we sincerely thought were competitive games of Street Fighter II on the equally as legendary Super Nintendo home console.

What we knew for sure was we all had our favorites and it made Sunday dinner’s that much more fun.

Unfortunately, like lots of big families we haven’t really been that close since the glory days of watching my dad get his ass handed to him as he mained Zangief. I guess S I F U is my way of capturing the essence of my family’s adventures with Capcom’s ground-breaking game.

As far as the name goes, the FG  stands for fighting games and the sifu means master in Chinese. By saying it, you can also hear FGC which is a nod to the fighting game community.

Our goal with S I F U is to find the best combo guides, insight and fighting game news and eventually have the community submit what they believe could be a useful piece of content.

The aim will always be to help you get better at fighting games which is quite honestly something I personally have to work on as well!

Go ahead, time to master fighting games!

The S I F U Team